We all know what it feels like to get lost in a book, what about finding yourself in one?

Gender Nation’s mission is practical but profound. We donate LGBTQ+ affirming storybooks to public school libraries. As a CA 501c3 we  use private tax deductible donations to purchase the books on our book list from publishers at a discount. Once a connection is made with a school district, we are able to provide our ever-evolving book sets to them at no cost! Empowering and validating children through access to these uplifting, inclusive & age appropriate books, is what Gender Nation is all about and schools play a vital role in the lives of children. 

Why it’s Important

LGBTQ+ kids are five times more likely to attempt suicide. Five. However, if a child has even one source of support from their environment, that statistic drops dramatically. Reminding children that they are not alone, that they are seen, heard and valued is the focus of our mission, but we all benefit when we normalize and celebrate diversity. That’s why we believe Gender Nation’s mission is life saving work.